Our detailed program

In addition to the conscientious management of the citizens’ interests, the only other ambition of our team is the economic, physical and administrative revitalization of Notre-Dame-du-Laus.

David Cyr

Structuring projects in the short, medium and long term

Preservation and enhancement of the existing assets

The new council composed of the Xagone team will regularly review all the existing programs with the stakeholders who benefit from them in order to keep them up to date and to respond to the new realities that may arise.

Revitalization of the village core

  • A project that will be carried out in stage
  • Real short-, medium- and long-term planning
  • A specific urban plan (SUP) and an architectural integration plan (AIP) essential for the success of such a project
    • Reaffirmation of the commercial sector
    • Pedestrian walkway between Main Street and Notre-Dame
    • Planning for active transportation (cycling, walking, vhr, etc.)
    • Redefining parking lots
  • Reappropriation of the river
    • Marina in the heart of the village
    • Park and terraces
    • Pedestrian walkway between St-Denis Street and Morin

Continuity of the church project

The chirch requalification and renovation project will remain relevant since it is the will of the citizens.

Gathering places in all sectors

Each of the sectors will benefit from a covered space for sectoral events and available to all citizens of Notre-Dame-du-Laus and for passing visitors.

Development of recreational tourism infrastructures

Multidisciplinary Trail Network

  • Collaboration with snowmobile and quad clubs
  • Upgrading of existing trails for bikes, hikers and riders
  • Linkage with the trails of the PB Regional Park and neighboring municipalities
  • Securing the village bicycle and pedestrian trails

Local proximity camping

This project aims to create increased economic vitality in the heart of the village. The priority for reservation will be given to parental of residents of Notre-Dame-du-Laus and will be for the short term. The objective is that users can easily access the village on foot or by bike. This contribution of visitors will be one of the tools of our economic development

School and climbing center

Montagne du Coq on Ruisseau Serpent Road is one of the few mountains with the necessary qualities for learning the practice of climbing in summer and winter. An excellent recreational tourism potential to develop in the future.


  • From the beginning of 2022, a municipal council of the Xagone team will implement an online doctor pilot project. For a fee of $15 or less, all citizens will have access to the service. If the project proves to be positive, we will renew the programme on a contractual basis.
  • Negotiations for a multi-service CLSC.


Our environment is surely the greatest asset of our territory but also the most at risk. Many of our waterways are already infested with invasive species.

Our actions and activities leave a carbon footprint. We must take care of our living environment. Here’s how we’ll do it:

  • Close collaboration with lake associations and FLAL
    • An advisor responsible for relations with associations
    • Close follow-up of commissioned and future studies
    • Partnership of the municipality for environmental actions
  • Boat washing station in operation by summer 2022
    • Mandatory for access to the lakes
    • Paid for visitors
    • Free for citizens
  • Maximum reduction of our carbon footprint
    • Offset method for OHV tourism
    • Review of work methods
  • Ruisseau Serpent
    • Putting the dam project back on the municipal agenda
    • Restore the river to its full potential
    • Make it a paddlesports river and develop portage sites

Population growth and living environment

The new municipal council of the Xagone Team will work to set up programs to attract young entrepreneurs from the market gardening and outdoor sectors. We will build on the new trend of teleworking to attract new citizens.

These actions will necessarily result in the arrival of new young families in the medium term.


  • Implementation of housing strategies
    • Approach to developers
    • Approach to the addition of low-cost housing
  • Short-term housing program
    • Introduction of a standard of rooms to be rented by citizens during specific events


  • Information as and when the various files develop
    • Municipal projects
    • Provincial Projects
    • Major works and repairs
  • Handling and follow-up of complaints by the Quality of Life Guardian
  • Transparent hiring process avoiding any conflict or appearance of conflict of interest
  • The new hiring process will be unveiled within the first months of our mandate


  • Maximizing communication tools
    • Citizens get together before the Council meeting
    • Digital panel for real-time information
    • Possibility of virtual meeting for various municipal services
  • Citizens’ meeting before council meetings
    • Doors opening 45 minutes before the beginning of the meetings to meet and discuss with Council members
    • Time framefor meeting with the mayor
    • On weekdays, every two week
    • On Saturdays, every two week
  • A Citizen Quality of Life Guardian position will be created from internal resources

Residents and non-residents

  • Equitable services for all citizens
  • A healthy and safe living environment for all

Strong representation

The key to the financial success of any municipal project is political pressure at all levels of government. A strong mayor will know how to get all the money available, at all different levels of government.

  • At the MRC
  • Member of Parliament and Minister, provincial involvement in our major projects
  • Member of Parliament and Minister, federal involvement in our major projects