The Team

From the meeting of a group of people who are committed to regaining the pride of being Lausois was born The Xagone Team.

Mayor, David Cyr

He will be responsible for economic/sustainable/social development, administration & organizational structures as well as communication and citizen relations.

In seat # 1, Patrice Thauvette

Civil engineer, he will be responsible for public works, roads, infrastructure and the environment.

In seat # 2, Diane Sigouin Longpré

Accounting technician, she will be responsible for financial resources and budget.

In seat # 3, Josée St-Louis

Businesswoman, she will be responsible for urban planning, heritage and the library.

In seat # 4, André Bertrand

Paramedic, he will be responsible for public safety, civil security and fire.

In seat # 5, Clément Trottier

Retired Hydro-Québec manager, he will be responsible for material resources, sports & recreation and trails.

In seat # 6, Yves Plouffe

High-level accreditation consultant, he will be responsible for human resources & ethics, material resources and shore residents associations.

With an experienced team in their distinct sphere of activity, the municipality of Notre-Dame-du-Laus will benefit from a significant contribution of specialization that will have an obvious impact in all the responsibilities inherent to a municipal council that will be resolutely proactive.